Annoying Mother In Law: 3 Neglected Ways For You To Deal With It

By: Shevach Pepper

There is probably nothing in this world that can ruin your self worth like an annoying mother in law. They can make statements about how much they liked your husband’s ex better than you,or how you’ll never learn to take care of a house, and even how YOU have to lose weight. It can be horrible and if you don’t learn how to deal with her it could even ruin your marriage. In this article I’m going to show you 3 powerful ways to protect yourself from your annoying mother in law.

1.Work to build up your own self esteem. Try this exercise: Imagine for a second that she tells you that you have a purple nose, green ears, and are bald. How would you feel? Probably pretty bad for HER. But it wouldn’t disturb you at all because you know what you look like and who you are. So, why is it that when she says that you are overweight or that you can’t cook do you feel hurt? You must believe what she says to be true at least A LITTLE.

Remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” If you find yourself feeling bad about these types of comments, asses the situation. Could you stand to lose a few pounds? Would cooking classes, really be so bad? If you find the answer is yes, then take the steps to do something about it, for yourself not for her. If you don’t have a problem with it, then just ignore your mother in law the next time she says something like that and don’t let it bug you. Think of all of the good things you have going for you instead. Say positive affirmations such as “Well, I may have a few extra pounds on me but that just makes me more enjoyable to hug and hold. My kids like it. I am comfortable in my own body, so my mother in law can say what she wants to. That is just her opinion.”

2. Do something. Sitting back and thinking and “brooding” about a problem magnifies the problem. Just think of the fear you might have of jumping off from a high diving board. But once you jump, the fear goes away. It’s the same with your mother in law; even if she is annoying, take some steps to stop her saying those remarks and you’ll see that she won’t seem to you to be quite so annoying. Show her that her little comments have no effect on you(even though you may be tempted to say something nasty back), and be the bigger of the two of you. If she is feeling threatened by you in any way, this may be her way of trying to feel better than you. Try to understand where she is coming from and just ignore her behavior or tell her that you understand she may be feeling a little threatened but that her behavior is not acceptable. She will more than likely stop once she knows she can not get to you that way.

3. She might be older than you but she is just like you. Even though she might speak to you as if she is invincible, she is not. She has stomach aches like you, she gets head aches like you, and she has flaws just like you (if not more). Therefore what she says, no matter what SHE think, isn’t worth too much. Get this clear in your mind and you’ll be much happier.

Annoying mother in laws can ruin your self esteem. But there is something that you can do about it. Build your own self worth, realize and internalize that she is just a person like you, and don’t just brood about the situation but DO something. You’ll see that if you do, you might even come to like each other!

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